5 Exciting Options for Higher Education You Might Not Have Considered
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Picking a college major is no simple task, and you might feel like you’re stuck between the same three options that everyone else around you is taking.

Choosing a major that really excites you is crucial if you want to make sure you’re fulfilled and successful in your future career, so expanding your horizons and checking out various options is a great start. Here are 5 interesting options you could consider for your higher education.


If religion and history are something you’re passionate about and have a keen interest in, you might want to consider studying theology. This path will offer you careers in ministry, but also in service and care for others, making it perfect for a nurturing type of person.

Saint Paul School of Theology can help you receive your religious education and give you a deep dive into a whirlwind of religious history, where you’ll learn so much.


Independent people might think of the concept of a 9-5 job as unbearable. Being your own boss, working your own hours and following a path that you are truly passionate about might be important to you.

If this is the case, studying entrepreneurship is a great stepping stone to being able to run your own company and be your own boss in the future. Majoring in entrepreneurship will give you the tools you need to lift yourself off the ground.

Communication Disorders

Another great field for those passionate about helping and caring for others is that of communication disorders. As a speech pathologist or speech therapist, you’ll be employed in schools, nursing homes, medical facilities or elsewhere, and be able to spend your days assisting those in need.

Speech pathologists are known for their enthusiasm and passion for their work, and find great fulfillment from their career paths.

Visual and Media Studies

A visual and media studies major will learn all aspects of film and photography: from theory to production to social implications, this field is a goldmine of information and skills for someone interested in the visual arts.

Studying in this field will allow you to find work in the media field, in film production, advertising, art directing, editing and more. For a creative soul, this pathway can light up your life and challenge you in new and exciting ways each day.

Culinary Arts

You spend hours in the kitchen but you’ve never considered making food your career? A knack for recipe development and a love for combining different flavours could lead to a fruitful career in the culinary industry.

Working in a bustling restaurant, baking for a quiet café or even foregoing the commercial kitchen in favour of recipe development in the comfort of your home as a private chef or food blogger – any of these could be fulfilling options for a food lover.

The Takeaway

These are just a tiny glimpse at the hundreds of options available to you in furthering your education. Following your own goals and passions is the most important factor – hopefully, these ideas spark something in you that feels exciting.

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