5 Popular Engagement Ring Metals
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Engagement rings come in many different shapes, sizes, and stone designs. For years fiances (grooms-to-be) and fiancees (brides-to-be) have been spoiled for choice on the style and design of their engagement rings. However, their decision-making process stopped at the design and mineral type of the main stone.

Over the years, many engaged couples have resorted to picking between only two or three ring metals for their band. However, there are more options than that. Outside of style, the engagement ring metal type is picked based on other factors such as price, budget, and appearance.

If you would like a less subtle ring and not something easily found in any jewelry store, you can design your ring, from the band to the centerpiece stone. For some inspiration, see a selection of custom diamond engagement rings here.

Here are the five most popular options to consider when choosing the engagement ring metal type.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a classic choice for many engaged couples. The metal offers different karats and might leave you unsure which alloy combination ratio is best for you. Yellow gold has a warm yellowish look.

Although 24-karat gold is the purest form of gold, it is not that resistant. A 60/40 combination is a form of 14-karat gold that works well. If you want to save on the band to go bigger on the stone, the 14-karat gold will be perfect.

White Gold

White gold has a similar color to sterling silver and platinum. Many engaged couples often opt for sterling silver when looking for a lighter tint band; however, if you are in search of something more durable than silver but do not want to break the bank on platinum, white gold will likely be your best fit.

White gold is made of pure gold, palladium, and silver or copper, nickel, or zinc. Including rhodium plating in that mixture will improve the durability and whiteness of the band.

Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement ring bands are the most popular type of colored gold. The charming blush hue makes the band trendier and more attractive to modern brides. Due to its appealing shade, this metal goes well with both diamonds and other lightly colored gemstones such as moonstone and quartz.


The appearance of platinum is a soft white hue, similar to sterling silver and white gold. Platinum is more durable and 30 times rarer than gold, making the metal more expensive.

Platinum jewelry has purity between 90% and 95%. Due to the high quality and hardness, the details of intricate engravings or embellishment on platinum ring bands often look sharper and more precise.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the most popular white-colored metal usually amongst young couples, as the metal is the most affordable of the three white metals. However, the drawback of sterling silver is that the metal is less durable and less strong than its white-hue counterparts.

Like gold, pure silver is soft and works well in jewelry. Jewelry makers can enhance the strength of sterling silver by combining it with other metals such as copper. Sterling silver rings must contain at least 92.5% pure silver, and hence it is often stamped as .925.

Not only are engaged couples spoiled for choice when it comes to ring gemstones, but they also have a wide range of options when it comes to the ring’s metal band.

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