5 Top Reasons Why Relationships End

Julia Slovich explores the five main reasons why most relationships end.


Broken candy heartIf you’ve ever wondered what happened to your relationship and how things went so wrong, then this article is for you. More often than not, the reasons your relationship blew up in your face are not all that inexplicable. Read the top reasons why relationships go bad and see how your last relationship measures up.

1. Cinderella and Prince Charming fantasies
Unlike the movies, which paint a picture of love as one gigantic, perfect romance, relationships take hard work and perseverance. Nothing about them is perfect! Couples who believe their lover can do no wrong are in for a rude awakening. Relationships can fall apart quickly when either side sets unrealistic expectations of what their love will look like.

2. Physical love before emotional love
It takes time to develop healthy emotional bonds with someone and this process can be rushed when you get too physical too fast. Since the traits necessary for a lasting relationship take time to build, becoming physically intimate can destroy its chances of success. Sex takes a relationship to a whole new level and if emotions are not ready to play catch up, the relationship can end badly.

3. Emotional baggage
Everyone has emotional baggage of some sort. Whether it’s from a past relationship or from something that happened in your childhood, we all bring it into our new relationships. You and your partner must be willing to dig up the past and work through it if you are going to heal and be ready for a new relationship. If one of you is not willing to do what you have to to get over it, your relationship may not survive.

4. Controlling behavior
We all know what it looks like. Jealousy, overdependence, and manipulation are just the start of how the desire for control can manifest. Relationships in which one person exhibits these behaviors may survive for awhile, but eventually the other person will get fed up with it and leave.

5. Deception
One of the most important factors in a successful relationship is destroyed when one lies and deceives their partner: trust. The more often someone lies to his/her partner – included a small white lie – the more likely the relationship will end because of a lack of trust. Your partner’s likelihood to lie to you is also a huge indicator of their character. The fact is that if they are willing to lie to you once, they will probably do it again.

Don’t let your relationship end because of any of these reasons. It’s easy to see the world through the rose-colored glasses that love has given you, but be sure you take them off for a moment to evaluate your relationship against these reasons why relationships go awry.


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