A Lesson From Missing You
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  • Post published:13/05/2021
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missing youWith each breath I’m missing you, breathing in a rasping dry breath.
It seems to burn down to the hollow of my soul.
Memories they flood, now mixing up. I thought I missed one,
but I miss many.
I find that many are a part of me now. There is no ONE,
there is only the many.
Each having a part to play, each having a part in me,
each deserving of my attention.
So then, what shall I do with this feeling. Its not for,
to long after the one.
It is for, to enjoy the many that have become
a part in my life.
How can I miss one and perhaps leave out another
that has a part to play?
I must move on, pay my respects, but in the end,
you know your only a part.
There yet remains a whole to be built from my life,
a whole song, a whole book,
not just a verse, or a chapter.
So then, I will breath this painful breathe that it may give me
a lesson from missing you.


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“Missing You”  Flickr Creative Commons.  Some rights reserved by michael hilton

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