A Life in Abstract
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Water Flower

“Water Flower” © Rowan Johnson

“Water Flower” is a simplistic doodle using color to illustrate the complexity of a living flower.  This piece was finished using a pen and colored pencils.

Zebra Legs

“Zebra Legs” © Rowan Johnson

“Zebra Legs” is a monochromatic art piece that I thought up while staring off into space at a set of dowel rods in my garage. The title was inspired by my grandma who described the drawing as “several zebra legs next to one another”.

Solar Entanglement

“Solar Entanglement” © Rowan Johnson

“Solar Entanglement” is inspired by my love for space and the unknown, I like to think there’s a place in space similar to what I have illustrated here.  The simple two-dimensional rays in the background illustrate the simplistic nature of the universe, while the small tubes that weave together to make the larger planet shows that the universe can be just as complex. This piece was done with pen, colored pencil, and Sharpie.

Image Credits

All Images Are © Rowan Johnson

Rowan Johnson Artist Bio

Rowan-JohnsonRowan Johnson is a young artist (17) who loves to create original pieces of art in his free time. He started painting as a Freshman in high school and once he realized it was an outlet of expression he began to get serious about his craft.

It’s Rowan’s dream to one day create an art studio and support himself off of his creations.

Rowan was born in San Diego, CA and spent his childhood traveling the United States in an old European RV and a twenty foot sailboat. He now resides in an intentional community called Dancing Rabbit Eco-village.

Website: Rowan Johnson – Instagram

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