A Primer on Adventure Traveling
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Hikers in the Grand Canyon enjoying viewSpecialty channels and travel agencies have had considerable success promoting adventure travel stories, destinations and packages. However, as thrilling and enriching as these trips can be, nowhere is the expression “Better safe than sorry” more warranted. Here is a quick primer on the most essential information to keep in mind when considering adventure travels.

Gear matters

Since online shopping has opened the door to ultra-specialized products, there are countless products, clothes and accessories you can buy to make your great adventure more enjoyable and convenient. This quick guide cannot possibly go over them all, so let’s focus on the essentials.

Some things are everywhere, chief among them water, darkness and people. As such, it’s never a bad idea to purchase gear related to all of these potential problems.

  • Waterproofing your luggage: always smart. However, given that sometimes, things don’t work, it’s especially smart to separate your luggage into waterproof compartments.
  • Obviously, you know it gets dark at night. What’s not so obvious is how much you may have to rely on battery-powered light during your adventures. Shop for torches and head torches and pay close attention to battery life ratings.
  • Muggings happen, unfortunately. While there are several excellent self-defense products you could look into, few match the convenience and safety of a well hidden money belt.

And since we’re talking about security…

Travel insurance: still not a question

Since you will be buying insurance, there is no reason not to look closely at your coverage for exemptions. Several popular packages are perfect for mainstream tourism but carry exceptions for any and all hazardous activities (sea diving, rock climbing, hitchhiking, etc.). Thankfully, some forward-thinking providers offer adventure-friendly coverage. Take the time to discuss these matters with a representative. It might literally save your life.

Now, about saving your life …

Health abroad; it’s a different ball game!

Given how viruses work (they work hard), you could need additional vaccines even if you are going to presumably “safe” countries. This is essential and should not be taken lightly; our immune systems get stronger slowly—it takes years—and can be ravaged by even a normally mild foreign disease. Thankfully, you can find all the information you need in any good traveler clinic.

And while this may seem counter-intuitive at home, you will want to get information on local doctors before you leave. We can generally expect a standard level of service from our health professionals (hooray!), but things work differently abroad, and not all medical staff may be up to snuff. Since this information is obviously country-specific, we advise you to look for information online as soon as your destination is set.


Finally, on the topic of water, it’s not good everywhere. This is crucial information since many dangerous pathogens can live in water and will find a way to make your life horrible if you are not careful. Bottled water seems like an obvious and easy solution, but take care: always sniff the bottles you buy to pick up the telltale smell of glue. Some bottles could have been refilled and resold without proper sanitizing. If you want to be extra sure, it’s possible to buy portable water sterilization kits to make sure nothing you drink makes you sick.

I hope that this information will be helpful to you as you plan your adventures. If you have suggestions to add, please leave me a comment. Till then, I wish you happy and safe traveling! 


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