After the Big “Five-0” – What’s Next?

Advice on turning 50 from a woman who has been there, done that.

50th birthday card

Three and a half years ago, I turned 50, and so I think it is only proper with that many years under my belt that I share with you what to expect.

First, you may notice that the doctor keeps reminding you to exercise. Yes, it is true that it is harder to lose weight as you get older. Your metabolism, I’m told, slows down — or is it that you start to say “What the heck!” and eat of the forbidden foods…desserts! or that you just like sitting in front of the television while you eat your meals. Things got so drastic that my doctor asked me to walk just one day a week to keep my blood flowing until I am at least 60.

Second, the funny lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots start to appear. Sleeveless shirts do not look cute. So I came up with my secret weapon: turtlenecks. They do wonders to hide the sagging neck and draw attention to my regal look. You may also find yourself loitering in the skin care aisle to find the perfect cream to diminish and firm the skin.

You will also notice new pains and aches in your body; they have been given the name “arthritis.” The knees ache when it rains, the shoulders stiffen at will. The doctor matter-of-a-factly claims, “It’s a part of getting older.” I prefer to say it is in my genes; therefore I have no control over it.

But enough about outwardly appearances because inwardly comes the feeling of a new-found peace. You will begin to let go and let someone else worry about it. You will come to find a new love in your life — your grandchildren. And you will take time to smell the coffee AND the roses as your sense of adventure takes over. This can lead to hooking up the RV for a road trip and heading anywhere that takes an AARP card.

For me, the greatest change has been that my children have now had a taste of parenthood and can now appreciate the challenges and joys I experienced as they tested many waters with me.

So go ahead embrace the 50s, for they are a prelude to the 60s!

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