Amazing Medical Stories – A Book By George Burden
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burden book cover“Amazing Medical Stories” explores medicine’s strange borderlands with twenty true tales of healers and frauds, inventors and quacks, heroism and desperation.

An American millionaire implants goat testicles in his patients to restore flagging manhood. An identity thief becomes a famous Royal Canadian Naval Surgeon. A courageous black doctor performs the first successful heart operation. A clergyman stops a diphtheria epidemic, and Alexander Graham Bell develops life-saving inventions at his home in Cape Breton.

From the brain tumor of Fortress Louisbourg’s would-be savior to the valor of the medical examiner who managed the horrific aftermath of Swissair Flight 111 crash, these tales are guaranteed to shock, amuse and inspire. In “Amazing Medical Stories”, George Burden and Dorothy Grant prove, once again, that truth is stranger than fiction.

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