Approaching The Corporate Heart – A Personal Story

A year ago a miracle baby, my granddaughter, Jasmine, was born. Twenty-three years before that her mother, my daughter, Lija had died in my arms. The evening this happened Lija had raced down stairs of the house into which we had just moved, grey faced and using swear words I didn’t know she knew. Minutes later she collapsed in my arms. No breath. No heart beat. No signs of life. Since we had just moved, we were still without telephone this was before mobile phones. My friend raced out to call the paramedics. For 20 minutes I pumped Lija’s chest and breathed into her nose and mouth until the ambulance arrived. Miraculously Lija was revived but for one year, her life hung in the balance and she required nursing 24/7. I gave up work and became a full time caregiver. The statistical chances of Lija surviving unscathed are a billion to one. She was told that she could never have children and so Jasmine’s arrival surprised us all.

The year I nursed my daughter was also the year I nursed my father until he died of throat cancer. Full time nursing, and mothering my young son, meant I had no income. My ex- husband didn’t believe in providing financial support for his children or me. I quickly accumulated a huge financial debt. At the end of that year, I decided I’d had enough of poverty and would become a millionaire and raise my children in style.

After giving a talk at a business conference I was invited by two audience members to work with their organization. A year and a half later that company, based on my work, was named the World Bench Mark – i.e. the recognized best in the world – for the way they looked after their people, the innovations they made in their industry, the way they served as guardians for the natural environment around their plant and the work they did in the community. (They put the entire community -a township of 10,000 people – through a personal development program, they brought world class speakers – such as David Suzuki – to speak at community forums to widen people’s thinking and they ran a highly successful rehabilitation programme for local street kids). Walking through this large industrial site felt like walking through a loving community. Global executives arrived in jets to study my client’s success. I was asked to work with leaders of major corporations around the world. Within 5 years I had made my first million.

How to create your own miracles?

Rule 1: It’s all about the journey so learn from everything that happens to you

When my daughter and father were ill I decided that if I could grow through my current difficulties I could achieve anything.

I used my challenges as grist for personal development and spiritual journey. I attended spiritual retreats, went to therapy and personal development workshops and trained as a therapist. I read every book on personal and spiritual development I could get my hands on. A housebound caregiver, I bought myself a mini-bouncer and exercised at home so that I would be physically fit. I prayed continually. I had no idea how, under my own steam, I could get out of the financial mess I was in, so I chose to believe that a Power greater than myself could help me and show me the way. I learnt to meditate so that I was in a good position to listen to any messages that might come. This learning and growing time was one of the most fruitful in my life. I experienced joy on a whole new level as my values changed and I realised the wonder of being with loved ones in the present moment.

Rule 2: Have a vision- get really clear about what you want – experience how it will look , sound and feel

My kids and I got very clear about how we wanted our lives to look and feel. We cut pictures out of magazines that depicted the life we wanted and pasted them on large sheets of cardboard. We visualised living in style. We had a rich day where we test drove a Jaguar car, tried on clothes in expensive boutiques and sat outside a top class restaurant sipping pink lemonade and champagne. We embodied how it felt to be rich.

The vision was wider than just us. Having experienced the miracle of seeing a large industrial company turn into an exemplary citizen I wanted to take that message to the world. I also wanted to share what I had learnt through my own hardships. My commitment to my family’s health had gotten us through a crises – I knew that caring deeply about others was a foundation stone of miracle working. I gave thanks for the wonders that were my life.

Rule 3: Just do it

When my family was ill we were so poor that some days there wasn’t money for food. A decade later, sitting on the balcony of my 5 story house in a National Park, overlooking a beautiful harbour, drinking French Champagne and eating lobster I knew that while I had been blessed I had also worked hard for my good luck. I had been prepared to travel the world, including to some very remote and uninspiring places. I learned and grew – continually doing courses. I went out and met people at functions I would rather have avoided. I wrote books and articles and gave speeches. I put myself, my ideas and my work in front of people. As I am an introvert and surprisingly shy this was challenging. With the love in my heart for my family and my abiding belief in miracles, the challenges made me stronger.

Learning for you

Life is a hero’s journey. Everything that comes your way is an opportunity to grow and learn and make a difference for others. Capitalizing on these opportunities is easier if you believe that you have help from a force greater than yourself. With vision, action and a preparedness to enjoy the ride, the road to success then becomes an exciting and eventful adventure.

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Margot Cairnes
Margot Cairnes As an author, sought after public speaker and conference facilitator, Margot Cairnes, founder of Zaffyre International, has worked with leaders of major global companies to create environments that are humanly enhancing and strategically outstanding. For 18 years, Margot has written for Engineers Australia on issues of personal development, spiritual growth and business success. Margot has published six books, including her most recent re-release, Approaching the Corporate Heart: Breaking Through to New Horizons of Personal and Professional Success.

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