Better Parenting-Creating Memories
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We parents sometimes complicate family time more than it has to be, putting way too much pressure on us to create memories. Yes, of course we want the great family vacation to an awesome place, or a fun packed day filled with activities. We parents want that, not sure how important that is for our children though, especially when they’re younger.

How to plan the Perfect Day

I’m definitely guilty of this, even a simple day off from work to spend time with the kids puts a little stress on me to plan a great day. I feel we HAVE to go somewhere on my day off, zoo, aquarium, park, something, and of course, we have to go out to eat. If we don’t, I feel a little guilty, this was supposed to be a day for some bonding time with my kids making those memories we parents want so badly to create.

I recently took a day off from work to do just that, bond with my kids and create memories. We HAD to do something. As I threw out ideas to my wife and kids, I kept being turned down. This has happened in the past and usually I just tell them that since they can’t decide, my wife and I will. But this time I stopped myself, and just listened to my kids, what did THEY want to do? Isn’t that the reason I took the day off to begin with?

Keep It Simple

The answer to that was simple: hang out in the backyard, throw the football around with my son and play hide and seek with my daughter. My wife threw in the idea of roasting marshmallows by the fire pit. And there it was, the perfect family day bonding with my wife and kids and creating memories, exactly what I was looking for.

The laughter that filled our backyard was proof that my kids came up with a perfect day. We can learn a lot from our kids. One thing that they constantly remind me is that life is simple, people (adults) make it complicated. No need for the long car ride, the pricey admission fee, the expensive lunch bill. Everything we needed for a great day was right here at home.

What Do Kids Really Want From Their Parents?

This was a great reminder that what our children need from us the most is just quality time where we give them our undivided attention. They just want us to listen to their jokes, see how far they can kick a ball, push them on the swing, and jump on the trampoline with them, SIMPLE. I notice that I always get the biggest belly laughs from my kids when I just act like a kid myself along with them.

Watching my kids just enjoying the moment, running around laughing, not a care in the world, reminds me to stop worrying about what I’M missing out on and just be present, right there and now. I DON’T have to bring my kids to every nearby family attraction or to every popular vacation spot before my time is up, I just have to be there, anywhere, with them. And you know something, that should make every parent feel pretty good, our kids just want the same thing we want, time with each other.

Next time I take a day off (I’m probably going to plan something) BUT, I won’t stress over it. When the moment comes to leave and the kids aren’t feeling the trip to the museum, might be the perfect time to recreate another simple, great day.


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My name is Steve and I’m a proud father of an eight-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter. They are my purpose, my passion. When I became a father, it changed my life forever, for the better. I found what I was meant to do. If there is one thing I want to succeed in, it’s being a great dad and preparing my children for life and whatever might come their way. I love helping and watching them conquer their next challenge whether it’s learning to read, riding their bike, hitting a baseball, receiving their next stripe in Kung Fu, all while building self-confidence. It’s very important for me to let my children know that they CAN achieve absolutely anything in life if they put in the time and energy. No, it will not always be easy, they will struggle at times but building that grit will get them through.

That is what I’d love to write about, to help other parents, to calm their fears and insecurities that we all feel and struggle with. Through my own experiences, the experiences of my family, friends, colleagues, I feel like I have so much great information to share. We all doubt ourselves as parents at times and being able to hear from another who is dealing or has dealt with a similar experience could be just what we need to reassure ourselves.

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