Beyond A Bad Smile: How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

A lot of people hate their smiles and are embarrassed about their crooked teeth or cavities. Although it can be unpleasant to look at, a bad smile is not just about looks. Your teeth are an essential part of your overall health.

When you have bad teeth, you run the risk of there being other serious problems that arise as a result. An infected tooth can wreak havoc on your overall system so you can’t just let it go. Not brushing your teeth or seeing a dentist regularly can end up impacting your health in ways you never imagined.

In this article, we are going to try to open your eyes to the types of health problems that can come up if your teeth are not in good shape.

Heart disease

When you have an infected tooth, bacteria are able to grow very rapidly since it has the ideal environment in the mouth. Between the body temperature and the moist environment, it is something like a playground for bacteria.

An infected tooth can then spread bacteria to the gums that also get infected. This is when the real problems start because the gums have a lot of veins that can then send the bacteria to other parts of the body. When it is in the bloodstream it can end up causing heart disease very easily.

Your arteries can end up getting clogged as a result of the excess bacteria in your blood. There is also a high risk of endocarditis which is when your inner heart lining is infected.

If you have an infected tooth, have it extracted and then replaced with implants from Smile on Six or whoever your local oral surgeon is.


Those that have diabetes will have a lot of trouble keeping it under control when they also have gum disease or other oral problems. Once again, it is the fact that bacteria can grow so quickly in the mouth and spread very easily to other parts of the body that there are issues.

For diabetics, this often means that their insulin is not able to get absorbed readily. When that happens, managing blood sugar becomes an uphill battle. If there is a spike in blood sugar then the situation becomes extremely serious.

Pregnancy issues

There are a lot of things that pregnant women need to stay up on. There are regular visits to the obstetrician, they have to avoid certain foods, and even take a lot of vitamins. What often gets ignored is that they need to pay special attention to their teeth.

In fact, it is very common for pregnant women to end up with dental health issues since hormones get out of balance. Periodontal disease can be especially dangerous for a pregnant woman. Babies can be born prematurely and even underweight if there is an infection that has gone unchecked. Since infection is something that can easily happen, it is important to pay special attention to the teeth.

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