Beyond Aesthetic and Moral Preoccupation

Fifty years of research dreaming,  seeing, listening and people-watching has brought me to this stage of artistic maturity.  There has never been an interruption in my artistic practice:  studies, research, teaching combined as one source of stimulation.  My work is almost autobiographical, I try to reproduce an atmosphere, a mood, impressions, feelings, past experiences under different horizons … or perchance to dream … 

7 The Watchman 104x78cm '13-'14 copy

The Watchman © Krikor Agopian: Acrylic on Canvas, 104 x 78 cm, 2013-’14

 These images come also from my childhood or recent experience that my eye has filtered through my subconscious.

9 Bird man II 104x78cm copy

Bird Man © Krikor Agopian: Acrylic on Canvas, 104 x 78 cm, 2013-’14

 I’m interested in the innermost feelings, rather than what’s outside.

10 Dancers 104 x78cm copy

Dancers © Krikor Agopian: Acrylic on Canvas, 104 x 78cm, 2013-’14

 I invite you to share my world through my work, to discover the meaning of symbols and emotions attached to it.

Visitor © Krikor Agopian: 101x153cm 2011

Visitor © Krikor Agopian: 101 x 153 cm, 2011

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All Images Are © Krikor Agopian

Krikor Agopian Artist Bio


Krikor Agopian was born in Beyrouth, Lebanon in 1942 and presently resides in Montreal, with yearly travels to Beyrouth and other cities.  Krikor has participated in many programs on radio and television channels in North America, Asia and Europe.  His works have been reproduced in several arts magazines.

His paintings are exhibited in museums and in private collections all over the world.

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