Breaking Silence: Part 6.0

This is a visualization exercise.

While reading, allow yourself to see every detail within the words. And when finished, keep returning to the peace you created in your mind space. Go there often, with full-throttle imagination and an open heart.

Imagine yourself sitting in a peaceful place. Sunshine on your skin. A warm breeze. Soft ground. Natural sounds. The sound of your breath. In and out.

Breathe in and out, deeply into your belly, seven times. And each time you breathe out, with a smile on your face, say the words, ‘Thank you’.

Your eyes are closed in your mind, but open as you read this. Thought bubbles begin to surround you. See it in your mind. Some are big, some are small. You’re sitting there, in that beautiful secret place, and every thought that arises finds its way into a safe, cozy, warm thought bubble. Let them be encased, one by one, by their own bubble, swirling and twirling with delightful rainbows, and then, let them float away.

Until in your mind’s eye, you see nothing but yourself, surrounded by a blank canvas.

You are travelling from the realm of thought bubble forms, to that of no thought forms at all. Your imagination will take you there.

Take as long as it takes.

In a moment, it will happen. And then, your blank canvas in your mind’s eye – free from all those thoughts that had fun floating to the surface and away – will begin to paint itself.

With you in the center, your blank canvas paints ever greater details of this beautiful space you hold. With the imagination engaged, and without the distractions of the thought bubbles, which have gently floated away – free to entertain themselves outside of you, you are free to discover what exists inside.

Paint your picture with all the lovely colours of you in the center of you, surrounded by light, peace and Love in this beautiful landscape you now hold and behold. Pull from your imagination; every detail.

You might see a brightness growing from a source that seems a million light years away – coming from everywhere and nowhere at once – amplified by your third eye.

Stay there. Until all the thought forms and projections which do not serve to maintain this peace, evaporate. And keep painting. Whatever pictures make your third eye smile.

Paint a picture of peace in there. Your lovely, private and safe landscape. Derive your vision straight from the imagination. And let it be. As beautiful as peace itself.

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