Breaking Silence: Part 6.02

To summarize the last chapter, let’s do another analogy exercise.

A surfer paddles out, and amid many possible waves (which are immeasurable in quantity, and independent of the surfer), she keeps paddling, focusing singularly on catching the probable best one. If she persists, her chances of finding it increase. And even if it’s not the ‘best one ever’, the ‘best one ever’ for that day – and every day – exists, all the time, for her to discover.


This is akin to our thought processes: There is a best one in every circumstance, every day. Even if it’s one revisited from a prior day while riding the wave of today, we have the choice to limit the possibilities (the ones which might not align with best outcomes), and then, from the ones which made it through the discerning selection process, we are better apt to choose ones which serve our focus.

But we must remain focused on that which serves to assist, not hinder. We have the ability to shift from the fearful and unpredictable sense that we are playing A navigator in an overwhelming, infinite realm of possibilities, where feeling ‘spun’ is par for the course, to a more predictable one, where we are THE navigator in a decisive field of probability, where the aforementioned ‘spin’ naturally aligns with homeostatic balance.

With finer ‘tune-ability’, established by denying access and entertainment of ‘cacophony data’ (the spin cycle of indecisiveness and a lack of faith that we can navigate effectively, both of which stem from ‘chosen’ cognitive dissonance), we discover the sound of one hand clapping being made by The Internal Natural Selector, with higher level ‘entropic skills’ and a higher level of discernment. And in that, we become the watcher of what is watched and the healers of what calls for healing.

In summary, all input data gives us an opportunity to make better decisions which can in turn, result in better outcomes. As for that which may be intentionally omitted by Self and others, in the end, it’s irrelevant, because the probability that the intention behind these omissions stems from that which is misaligned, is very high. And that’s not what we seek to focus on. Is it?

Please stay tuned.

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