British Contemporary Floral Artist Creating Endless Joyful Moments Arranging Flowers on Canvas
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Flowers communicate with me in their silent language. In 2020 when we went into lock-down, I started going for short walks before work in the morning. I started admiring flowers in people’s garden.

Beautiful big and small blooms in various colors and fragrances attracted my attention. I started clicking random pics on my phone. Soon I realized that I was not taking in all in with the camera. So I just started taking pause to admire them just with my eyes.

I guess these picture and the feelings stayed. I didn’t plan to paint flowers. They claimed their space on my canvas and I happily welcomed them.

Paradise Floral Art - Urvashi Art Studio

Paradise Floral Art – Urvashi Art Studio

During winter months, I found myself painting more and more flowers. I even tried at one point to not paint them but they kind of appeared. My brush moved in that direction by itself.

So I decided, I am not going to force them out of my paintings.

I became so obsessed with flower arranging recently that I thought of myself as a florist. So I came up with a word Flor-tist (Floral Artist).

I now arrange flowers on canvas with paints.

With my floral art, I am creating endless joyful moments and I want to share that feeling with everyone. I feel I am trying to make flowers immortal as the separation from them after they wither away is unbearable.

I usually don’t need reference pictures as I always think of myself as a florist who will arrange the flowers in particular ways.

Jada-Floral Art - Urvashi Art Studio

Jada-Floral Art – Urvashi Art Studio

I want to create flower art gifting a one of a kind experience that makes my collectors feel special when they receive them.

These floral art pieces will be a perfect gift to go along with fresh flowers.

I am currently doing a 100 days painting challenge and I paint one painting every day. On Day 17 at the moment. I am posting them daily on my Instagram @urvashiartstudio

Image Credits

Images are by Urvashi Patel – All Rights Reserved


Guest Artist Bio
Urvashi Patel

Urvashi Patel is an Artist/Founder of Urvashi Art Studio from where she sells her paintings, prints, products, and more. Urvashi has collaborated with a clothing company to license her work and her work is also available from many other platforms as prints and products. Urvashi Patel is from India and now settled in the United Kingdom.

She started as a hobby artist on weekends when her husband plays cricket. Urvashi is now known as a self-taught emerging artist. Her work is known for those bold vibrant colours which has been there since her animal painting days. Her work has changed over the years from animal paintings to portraits to abstracts and now floral. For her it’s not the form of the subjects but the feelings and emotions. Her vibrant florals with expressive brushstrokes are now creating endless joyful moments for her audience.

Get to know Urvashi

  • Urvashi is a crazy fan of Chinese and Korean period dramas.
  • Pink lover.
  • Supports women empowerment and believes in saving the world from turning into robots.
  • Not Vegan but supports animal welfare.
  • Apart from painting, Urvashi loves dancing, singing, trying to learn one musical instrument, writing quotes.
  • Deep thinker about human existence.
  • Introvert.
  • Love Indian Masala Chai (Tea).

Blog / Website: Urvashi Art Studio

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