The bodice on this timeless little black dress is painted with texture to resemble a damask-like fabric.  The velvet ribbon and tiny bow at the waistline are applied, as are the random pieces of tulle in skirt, giving the painting a 3D affect.

And When You Smile The Whole World Stops And Stares For A While

AND WHEN YOU SMILE THE WHOLE WORLD STOPS AND STARES FOR A WHILE © Andrea Stajan-Ferkul – acrylic/mixed media, 30″x60″

This little black number is also painted with texture to emulate the feel of a damask-like fabric.  The contradictions and contrasts between the details in the dress and intuitive abstract background are characteristic of my paintings.  I work on creating harmony by blending these two elements together.


I’M GONNA SMOKE MARLBORO LIGHTS AND DRINK CHAMPAGNE © Andrea Stajan-Ferkul – acrylic/mixed media, 30″x 60″

My process involves adding and subtracting paint and building layers to create depth and a sense of movement in my paintings.  The integration of painted areas and the 3D affect of actual lace, ribbon and tulle on this dress makes you want to take a closer look. (or even touch it)

Drinks With Degas

DRINKS WITH DEGAS © Andrea Stajan-Ferkul – acrylic/mixed media, 30″x60″

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All Images Are © Andrea Stajan-Ferkul

Andrea Stajan-Ferkul Artist Bio

DSC03053-Carla-Jerrys-Wedding-June-21-2014Andrea Stajan-Ferkul is a Toronto-based artist who studied art and design at Sheridan College, School of Art and Design.  Her background lies in Illustration and Graphic Design, having worked in the fashion advertising industry.  In 2000, Andrea shifted her focus to the world of fine art and has since been honing her work, experimenting with loose renderings, textures and mixed media.  Today, her paintings are known for their sensual expressions, subtle colour palette and intuitive mark making.  The fusion of spontaneity and representation characterizes her work – the style is both expressive and refined.  Andrea’s captivating dress paintings, put emphasis on bringing the emotional and intuitive elements of her theme to the piece.  Unfinished areas in her work, and the schemes of construction and deconstruction entice the viewer to take a closer look.  She explores perceptions of style and timeless elegance as a whole, and it’s role in contemporary life.

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