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“The shell must break before the bird can fly.”  Alfred Tennyson, The Ancient Sage 1884 

Perhaps you can relate to Tennyson’s quote. Has it happened to you?  I am excited, and relieved, that my shell broke on December 4, 2014 in an explosion of pink (see my painting SHOWING PINK below).   These pink “me” fragments now lay scattered on my art studio floor.  I do not want to sweep up the shells.   Surprisingly, I realize, I am not in need of repair; my broken shell satisfyingly crunches under my feet as I paint, a daily reminder to be fearless in my experimentation on canvas, to paint with intention and to speak my truths.

My trek has been a long, deep and sometimes painful journey of unraveling to reach this soulful and quiet place where I now reside. It is daily hard work; hours of meditation, countless introspective books and months of life coaching.  If you are on a similar ‘shell breaking’ path I encourage you to keep travelling.  Your life and art will soar.

I have always been something to someone…doting daughter, wife, mother and friend.  My personal gas-tank often runs empty looking after everyone.  For the first time in my life I am ready to be “me”, Heidi Wienike | Canadian Visual Artist.  Shell is broken. I can fly.

SHOWING PINK 36”X61” (available) hangs vertically or horizontally

SHOWING PINK 36”X61” (available) hangs vertically or horizontally

Shell Breaking Idea #1 – Lay it all on the line with each stroke/scrap. Don’t hold back. The layers that you feel don’t work, that are mistakes, only add depth to your art. They are your journey. Your art can never be wrong.

SHATTERED 8”X6” (available) close up of right corner © Heidi Wienike

SHATTERED 8”X6” (available) close up of right corner

Shell Breaking Idea #2 – Layer it up! Play with multiple layers of texturing (or glass fragments, close up shown here) before commencing the color layers. This is the intensity + emotion that pop under my resin’s final high-gloss layers. Captures light and creates immense interest for the viewer.

LEVI’S 36”X48” sold © Heidi Wienike

LEVI’S 36”X48” sold

Shell Breaking Idea #3 – No plan, just go. Our busy lives are all about plans + following direction. I never start a painting with a plan. I just jump in; the initial, hardened layers of texture take me on a journey as I apply the color layers around these bumps and grooves. Very liberating. Eventually the painting is born.

Image Credits

All Images Are © Heidi Wienike

Heidi Wienike Artist Bio

In 2000 I sold my company to become a stay-at-home mom knowing that one day I would return to Business. I never did return to my corporate world; In 2006, at the age of 37, I discovered I had a hidden talent that quickly turned into a passion. And thus a new career blossomed for me as a commissioned Visual Artist. Since 2009 I have been working full-time on private + corporate commissions.

Blog / Website: Heidi Originals

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