Do Unto Others – Turn the criticism of your mate around
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coupleRelationships are a struggle. I date one who has money, a career, and a future, and that is important to a relationship. However, another excites me physically, sex is amazing and yet with another, I find that I am in “love”, the feelings are hot and deep. All three things are necessary in a relationship: money, sex, and love. Just as I’m getting discouraged that anyone will meet all three criteria with equal abandon, a flash of 20/20 hindsight blinds my disillusionment. I recall the “speck in your neighbors eye, log in your own” parable. To obey this lesson, I take the measure I expect of my mate and use it to judge myself. How do I rate in these three areas? Perhaps by disciplining myself and excelling in each category, I will draw another who is doing likewise; like building a bird house in particular style to attract a bird of a certain species. Practicing this wisdom, I lay down my magnifying glass that I use to criticize my potential suitors and I look in the mirror at the inequities in my life. By addressing my own issues I hope to one day meet another who is doing likewise or perhaps to see clearer, that the one close to me, may already be the perfect match.


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