Faith in Cancer
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The night I dreamed of death
chasing me through the woods
and many others
with the evil sound of it
piercing my mind
I rode on horseback
but it surrounded me
then God in my dream
told me to ride toward it

The night I dreamed of death...







Turning my horse
and pulling a sword God gave me
I, on horseback, ran into it
as it, with its dark foreboding message
surrounded me
it was after me
it wanted desperately to take me
it wanted me and I felt it clinging tightly
running in it, the dark, so dark

But I saw the blue sky in front of me
and further still the ocean of my youth
riding harder
whispering to my horse, move with me
we ran, and the evil
moved out of my way
as if it could not defy my will
as I lifted my sword
and screamed at death


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Photo by Mike Birdy




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