Food for Thought…Really!
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Phyllis Wilson discovers that some foods actually increase brain power, improve mental clarity and open up a whole new world in food consumption.

Did you know that the clichéd “food for thought” has a literal meaning?  I have to share with you my latest discovery.

I recently had my annual physical and the doctor asked me how I was feeling. I told him I have trouble concentrating sometimes. While reading a book, I find myself having to close one of my ears to muffle out sounds that are distracting me. He asked if I eat breakfast and I said, “Sometimes.”

He suggested that I try a high-protein breakfast. Now, I know we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Could this be true?

For starters, you could try bacon (or turkey sausage) and eggs, oatmeal w/peanut butter, breakfast cereals that are high in protein, high protein cereal bars or nuts with a piece of fruit. Get creative and GET protein. Not only will protein boost your brain power, but it will help with your overall long-term mental health.
He went on and on about fish and the valuable Omega-3 fatty acids it contains and fruits and vegetables that are antioxidant-rich.  Deeply colored produce such as berries, beets (yuck) and spinach help the body maintain good blood flow, which is essential to brain function. And, he said that eating blueberries can help with maintaining mental clarity also.

So later, at home I searched the internet to find information on blueberries and found that they contain flavonoid phytochemicals called anthocyanidins, which help brain cells maintain their ability to communicate with other cells. They can even help the body produce new nerve cells. So, now I am thinking about blueberry pancakes (yummy), blueberry bagels, blueberry muffins and blueberry pie.

I continued researching and found that chocolate contains cocoa flavonols that also improve blood flow to the brain and improve thinking function, while providing anti-aging protection, And like antioxidants, flavonols open up blood vessels and promote blood flow to the brain. I could feel that smile growing on my face as I thought of things I could eat to give me more brain power. Hearing about chocolate opened a whole new world for me: candy bar, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies (homemade, of course), all the things your mother hated for you to eat because it would spoil your dinner. Who cares about dinner? I think I will have dessert first, thank you very much!


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