Four Jobs You Can Get with a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction
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It is not new for someone associated with the teaching profession to think about diversifying and moving ahead in their career. Every teacher wishes to get better outcomes from their students, but improved outcomes come from a better-quality curriculum that focuses on clarity, depth of information and instilling eagerness for learning. People with a teaching background can immensely improve students’ learning by coming into curriculum design due to their familiarity with students’ needs according to their age and level of education. The way to make such an impact on the students’ learning is by opting for a master’s degree that imparts you with the qualities to analyze, design, and implement new and innovative curriculum designs.

The master’s in curriculum and instruction degree can help you move forward in your career, expand it outside the classroom, and make the desired impact. So if you intend to stand out in the crowd and be the torchbearer of innovation in your organization, you can start with this degree.

What is the pre-requisite for a master’s in curriculum and instruction?

If you have a bachelor’s degree in education, are interested in developing your career, enhancing your leadership abilities, and working in the field of education in a non-teaching position, then you have all the pre-requisites for enrolling in a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Degree. The degree covers theory and research in curriculum design, learning strategies, and assessment. But more than that, it opens up numerous career opportunities for their graduates and helps them diversify their skill structure, so they can move into various other education domains. Here are some jobs you can take on with a master’s in curriculum and instruction.

1 – Curriculum coordinator

Effective teaching is not accidental; instead, it happens by design, which is the curriculum offered to teachers. A well-rounded curriculum inculcates deep learning and inquisitiveness in students, and as a curriculum coordinator, you need to ensure that school districts have an impactful curriculum. Moreover, your job is to ensure students are taught a curriculum that meets the current era’s educational requirements and offers an essential knowledge foundation to the students belonging to each grade. You will also make sure that the school syllabus meets the standards and learning requirements prescribed by the state.

You will collect information about the syllabus taught in schools, evaluate a school’s performance and the achievements of the students, and train teachers and prepare them for new teaching methodologies. Your work is often confined to your office, but you may also need to travel to other places to inspect schools. This is a full-time administrative position, but people with prior teaching experience often get a few hours of teaching as well.

2 – Principal

A principal is as vital to a school as is a captain to a ship. A master’s degree in curriculum and instruction is a perfect opportunity for an experienced teacher to climb higher in their career and perform administrative roles as a principal in a school. A principal is an administrative head who looks after a school’s teaching and non-teaching aspects. At one end, a principal represents their school in front of parents and other outside forces. On the other end, they advocate for your academic and non-academic staff in front of the school management, ensure proper education of the students, train the teachers, and conduct regular classes. Overall, the goal of a principal is to provide a conducive learning and working environment for the students and staff simultaneously. If you see yourself in a non-academic position, leading a team of teachers, and managing a school’s affairs, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction is the best choice to make.

3 – Corporate trainer

Some of you might want to expand your job area and are motivated to work with corporate gurus. Interestingly, you can work with these business pundits and train them as corporate trainers. A corporate trainer, also known as a corporate training facilitator, coordinates and organizes training for employees working in public and private organizations. This training mainly involves improving their communication skills, building teamwork, instilling problem-solving and critical thinking skills, etc., to enhance employee engagement and performance in the organization. These training sessions are conducted as part of employee development initiatives of an organization and as a way to express appreciation of employees as valued assets.

To work as a corporate trainer, the minimum educational qualification should be a bachelor’s in curriculum and instruction, but some employers prefer working with people with a master’s or a higher degree in this field. According to Zippia, more than 33 percent of people working as corporate training facilitators have a master’s degree as their highest point of education.

4 – Specialized teacher

It is no surprise that teachers with no area of focus want to adopt a specific area of expertise after years of practice. A master’s in curriculum and instruction helps them change the course of their career. With this degree, they can specialize in an area of teaching such as TESOL or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). In some states, graduates also get endorsements about their specialized area, enhancing their chance of landing their dream job.


A master’s in curriculum and instruction opens various new job prospects for the graduates. The job opportunities are not limited to academic roles only; instead, they also help the individuals work with corporations. With a master’s degree, you have everything to stand out in the crowd and create a meaningful impact on students’ lives with carefully designed and supervised curricula in educational institutions.

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