Girl Meets Canada: The Missing Drinks

The ongoing story of a girl and her van on an epic journey across Canada.

It has been brought to my attention via my faithful readers (ie. Frank) that I haven’t provided a drink recipe for a few provinces. Oops! Bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger!

In my defence, I breezed through New Brunswick in just over a day and didn’t really do anything there, so I didn’t feel like a credible source for the definitive NB drink. And I’m taking FOREVER in Nova Scotia, so that drink is to come.

But yes, I did forget to do Quebec. And I don’t want New Brunswick to feel left out. Far be it from me to alienate an entire province of faithful readers.


Hello? Anyone there?

If you’ll be so kind to remember back about a month, my time in Quebec was spent almost entirely in a yoga ashram. Among other things, this meant no alcohol (or caffeine, or onions, or sleeping in). But there was plenty of tasty tea. So Quebec’s drink is my best guess at the mystery tea I consumed every meal for seven days.

Quebec’s Myster-Tea

  • Hot Water
  • Lots of Mint Leaves
  • Orange Slices
  • Fennel? (I think that was the other flavour…)
  • Let seep until the leaves start to disintegrate
  • If you would like to Sarah-ize this feel free to add that ever ready shot of Tequila

The New Brunswick Drive-By

  • Order a drink at your local bar
  • Get distracted by something shiny, and leave before it arrives
  • Promise yourself you’ll go back and pay for it, but never do

Nova Scotia Teaser (Not my real NS drink, but to tide you over for now)

  • Drink Keith’s. A lot.

Next post: back to our regular random travel story programming.

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Empty Beer Bottle © C. P. Storm @ Flickr

This article was first published on Raggedy Threads in August 2010.

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