Good to the Last Drop…Hmm…Hmm
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It’s only when your coffee is not up to par that you realize how much a great cup of Joe matters.

My coffee is usually good to the last drop but today it’s different. My preferred drink tastes bitter this morning. I must have got my water-to-coffee ratio off. When I was working, we had a secret decree that if you took the last cup of coffee from the pot, you were responsible for making the next pot. I always dreaded having to make it for fear that I would ruin perfectly good coffee. So I would never drink the last cup — I would just kill time until the next person to go to the pot would make a new pot of coffee.

Coffee cup


I won’t waste this morning’s coffee — I will drink it to the last drop. Several of my friends only drink coffee when it is wintry outside but regardless of what the weatherman says, my morning Joe and a fresh apple fritter is the perfect way to start the day.

It is amazing how this caramel-colored beverage can stimulate one’s mind. For instance, I sometimes have writer’s block and it’s not until I sit down at the dining room table with blank paper and a pen in my right hand that words begin to flow. It is in this space that I can begin to release the words. As the ink is released to the paper and as the words pour out, then I begin to find my story.

Not all coffees are the same which may be why I experience dissimilar things when I consume coffee. For example, when I drink the blended frozen coffee, Frappuccino (Caramel is my favorite), I can clean up the entire house. When I drink Yaucona coffee (Cafe Yaucono Ground) from Puerto Rico, I feel that I have arrived and all is right with the world. And when I drink decaffeinated (which I do rarely) I feel sleepy. When I savor a cup of Vietnamese coffee, I feel like a tourist in another country, and Mexican coffee has never agreed with my stomach, so I refrain from going down that path again. When I’m dieting, I count the cups of coffee toward my eight cups of water for the day!

Sometimes I will journey down the instant coffee thoroughfare and it is not a bad substitute for the real thing! When you are traveling, sometimes that is all you may come in contact with. I love Starbucks™, especially their instant coffee Via®.

Finally, I must tip my hat to those of you who drink your Joe with no additives – just straight black. I like  just a little bit of coffee with my sugar and cream — and if the cream is laced with traces of hazelnut, French vanilla or some other additive, I consider myself in heaven. I have experimented with shots of espresso here and there and it provides a stronger coffee taste than this plain-Jane coffee drinker can handle.

But my coffee journey is not over: I have yet to drink Gevalia or the Keurig K-Cup but I heard they are great, as are Green Mountain and Folgers. I am sure that I have missed others, so I am on the road looking to devour a coffee of genuine flavor, one which I can label as “The Best Yet.”

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