You are stuffed like the teddy bear
sitting in the toy shop shelf.
In fragments a line returns to you
time and again
stealing into the haunted look in your eyes.
You stiffen
like an adolescent’s lips,
tight and straight,
rebelling against ancient wisdom.
the line returns and breaks into your sleep
and persists like a tantreek’s chant
or the hair-raising howl of wolves.
It suffocates behind the closed windows
and returns time and again,
maybe, like a persistent bully
or even the patient wave
that breaks into that solid rock on the sea shore.
Painstakinly ,
you open memory, page by page,
your search
becomes meandering and maddening,
you try to gather the snatches
looking for the one missing link
that would exorcise the haunting line.

Howling Wolf on Mountain Peak

Photo Credit

Photo from the Microsoft Office Clipart Collection


Guest Author Bio

Dr Shruti Das
Shruti DasDr Shruti Das is Associate professor English in the P.G. Department of English, Berhampur University in Odisha, India. She is a creative writer with poetry published Nationally and Internationally and also a literary critic, writing bilingually in English and her native tongue Odia. She has participated in many National and International Seminars on English language literature and Communication skills in India and abroad. As well, she has published a collection of poems named “A Daughter Speaks” and has been published in Anthologies like “Inspired Heart 2″ and “Scaling Heights”. She is sensitive to social issues, loves to travel and to dream. She loves animals.

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