How to Make Your House Move Easier
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Moving is one of the most notoriously difficult things a family can do. Whether you’re moving down the block or looking at Whistler homes for sale from your current home in Toronto, there’s a lot of trouble and stress that goes into moving. Instead of letting that pile up on you and ruin the excitement of a new home and possibly a new city, here are some ways to make any home move easier on yourself!

Moving boxes

Plan Ahead

There’s no such thing as an easy move without a good plan in place. Plan thoroughly on every step of your move. How are you moving your items? Will you need professionals? When is the latest you’ll have access to the previous home? The good idea is to finish packing everything except the bathroom and kitchen until a few days before the move. Keep in mind how long it will take you to travel to your new home, and if it’s going to take more than one trip. Be aware of your timeline. It could be devastating if you’re not ready and your time is up. It’s much better to be finished early.

Hire Movers

We all want to save money, but as a society, it’s time we moved past the old idea of inviting friends over for pizza and beer to help us move for free. Not only can this mean that your movers could be unreliable, but it can also put you in a weird place of having them feel like their friendship is being taken advantage of. Instead, shop around for some movers who know what they’re doing. Professionals will ensure your furniture gets moved safely and that everything you need to do is done without so much as a pizza stain or dirty look.

Budget With Wiggle Room

It’s encouraged that you budget ahead of any move. If you end up under budgeting on a truck, you could put yourself in financial distress. Instead, budget out your move and make sure you have a few spare dollars on the side in case of an emergency. This will give you a cushion to fall back on if the move faces a hiccup and will provide you with peace of mind when you’re changing locations. If you don’t have to use this extra money, you can put it towards a housewarming party!

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

We carry clutter with us from household to household our entire lives. Whether we’re holding onto old furniture because of how we used to feel when we furnished our homes with it, or we’ve got several closets of clothing we haven’t looked at in years, moving is the perfect time to clean out our house. Go through everything you own with a critical eye. Ask yourself if you’ve gotten any use out of these items in the last six months and if you’ll use them in the coming six months. After that, consider if anything can be donated, sold, or thrown out, depending on the condition. You don’t have to throw away precious family heirlooms to de-clutter, but you should consider getting rid of the things you don’t need.

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