How To Repot A Bonsai – A Graham Potter Video
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A few weeks ago, on Father’s Day, my son Andrew gave me a book on bonsai trees. For about a decade now, I have been rescuing seedlings, tending to them and letting them grow in clay pots. It’s become a bit of a hobby I suppose. I love to watch them grow over time and develop from tiny things to beautiful trees that adorn our deck and our yard. When I started to read the book, I was immediately fascinated by the techniques used for bonsai and I was struck by the beauty of these trees. Hungry for more information, I searched YouTube and came across Graham Potter from Kaizen Bonsai.

Graham has created some amazing videos on the subject. They are well produced, informative and inspiring. I thought I would share this one called “How to Repot Bonsai Trees – The Basics”. If you enjoy this video, I strongly encourage you to look at some of his other video clips. The man is an artist, knows his subject matter and presents it in a way that is easily understood.

As for me, there has always been something very spiritual about trees and being near them. I can’t  quite quantify it, but I believe they somehow connect me to the earth in a profound way. Andrew, I think I am hooked! While I don’t see myself sculpting to the extent that Graham Potter does, I have six or seven specimens that will end up in bonsai pots come spring. Wish me luck.

If you enjoyed this video, then this is a MUST see.

Creating Bonsai Trees – Carving and Styling Bonsai – English Yew

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