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Jazz Dog

In the moment …

What does it mean to be fully in the moment? To not think about what will happen an hour from now, or an hour ago? To not be burdened by thoughts of what could have been, or what lies ahead?

What does it mean to love and to forgive unconditionally? To love purely, simply … without conditions? To not discriminate between the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, the beautiful or the disfigured?

“Dogs live in the now. They don’t plan ahead or think back. Unlike most of us, they don’t live their lives wishing they had this or that. The disappointments of the past do not factor into their thinking. They are present in the moment. I believe this at least partially explains how they can love, accept and forgive with such apparent ease. My daughter thinks they are angels. She may be right! I think it also explains why they are full of joy and always ready for adventure.” ~ There is Much to Learn from Dogs

Though they show it in very different ways, the same can be said of cats.

Watch this beautiful video produced by C.J Gardella which debuted during the prestigious 2013 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

“The film invites us into the world of our pets to help us rediscover and appreciate the simple joys of life.”



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