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Fighting stereotypes and prejudices is incredibly difficult and both are ubiquitous. I believe in tolerance and patience because the alternative does not work. Aggression and hate directed towards those who stereotype, label, marginalize or oppress, makes the oppressor more powerful.

In fact, if anything, believing in the oppressor’s lies is what oppresses us: We know that being white, black, female, Jewish, poor or what have you, does not necessitate being looked down upon or oppressed, don’t we?

As someone who appreciates the non-material things in life, I hold no shame in being ‘poor’. I make more calculated movements in life as a result of having fewer labels and less baggage.

I have not always seen things this way. It is only recently that I have begun to question why self-oppression – a rampant dis-ease – has marred my beautiful becoming at times, and also, why I would continue to allow myself to feel lesser because I own less.

The tendency to become lazy and weak comes from a lifestyle based in too much comfort and not enough effort. The truly oppressed are those who relentlessly chase the dollar dream.

To be able to subsist on only the absolute necessities is indeed a strength, not a weakness. Ask anyone who does it.

Society labels people ‘poor’. I think labels are for canned goods.

To have less is to gain perspective. Those who can see, see. Those who cannot see, don’t.

Parry the stabbing attacks of societal stereotypes. They are weak moves by blind chess players.

Save your breath for those who are listening.

Prepare yourself for those who are listening. And when the chance arises, so to shall you.

Breaking free of oppressive thoughts is priceless.

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