Life As A Human Likes #5

Life As A Human Likes is a weekly feature of fascinating, enlightening, fun or perhaps just odd blogs and websites that enliven the experience of being human. This week, we feature three terrific authors who have well-read blogs providing sound advice and insights that can help with your business life as well as your personal growth. We’ve selected three excellent articles for your reading pleasure which are presented in no particular order other than, of course, ladies first!

Rebel Brown – Rebel
My Own Personal Gravity

“My upcoming book, Defy Gravity, focuses on finding and ditching Business Gravity, aka the status quo beliefs and corporate legends that prevent us from growing. We also have Personal Gravity — those beliefs and behaviors that limit us in our personal lives …” [read the whole article here]

About Rebel Brown

Rebel Brown consistently challenges the status quo to deliver optimum solutions and high velocity growth for her clients. Armed with experience from over 100 global clients,Rebel is uniquely qualified to help businesses reach for high velocity growth. Her book, Defy Gravity is already getting critical acclaim ahead of its September release. 

When she’s not busy powering up corporate growth, Rebel enjoys her pursuits as an avid horsewoman, expert skier and outdoorswoman who tends an orchid greenhouse, hikes coastal mountains and kayaks the Pacific Ocean. [read more]

A Very Fine Line

“What are the positive qualities most important in a best friend…or in a leader you would be totally excited about working with?” Thirty seconds…go .. [read the whole article here]

About ScottMcKain

Scott McKain has proven that the concepts he presents actually work in the real world! He is the co-founder of the Value Added Institute, (a “think tank” exploring the role of customer experiences in creating enhanced clie

nt loyalty and revenue for visionary organizations), and the author of three #1 business bestsellers, including his latest: “Collapse of Distinction; Stand Out & Move Up While Your Competition Fails” — as well as “ALL Business is Show Business” and “What Customers REALLY Want.” [read more]

Bob Burg
Tact – The Language of Strength

“Is there ever a need to verbally correct or critique? Well…actually, yes. The bigger question: is it possible to do so in such a way that not only will the person accept your correction, but truly embrace and utilize it?” [read the whole article here]

About Bob Burg

Bob Burg shares information on topics vital to the success of today’s business person … His critically acclaimed book, Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales has sold over 200,000 copies and continues to be used as a training manual for top sales organizations throughout the world. His national bestseller, The Go-Giver has been heralded as a new business classic. It’s been translated into 18 languages and is his fourth book to top the 100,000 copies sold mark .. [read more]

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