Marathon Training — The Doubtful Stage
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In preparation for a marathon, Jess begins to work on all of the “side jobs” of being of runner — stretching, cross training, core strength.

Well, I’m in that doubtful stage. A marathon is 26.2 miles. That’s a really long way. When I first told myself I was going to do this, it was right after I finished my first half marathon.  I said out loud, “It’s [a marathon] is not that different! You just keep going.” Yet, both times I’ve done the half,  I have said a few thank-you’s in my head when I headed to the finish line instead of following the [full] marathon course.

stretching I got the go-ahead to start running again. My physiotherapist said my leg looked good, but there is lots of scar tissue along the bone where the break was and an x-ray shows lots of calcification. I guess this means to be careful, and there might be a bit of ongoing soreness.

When I first started running I didn’t stretch — before or after a run. I didn’t cross train and I didn’t work on my core strength. In my head, they seemed like pointless things that took away from the time I could just be running. I have stubbornly realized what a huge mistake that was. Not stretching and not having strength in my core has led to chronic injury, pain and fatigue. For the past two months I have squatted and stretched and toned my body. I have had such a huge desire to run again that it has motivated me to work on all the “side jobs” of being a runner.

I am on a run/walk program for the first two weeks back to running. I have been on three runs now. One was only one mile, with one minute running and two minutes walking. It was glorious though. It was a sunny day and I was back out in my neighbourhood. No more fluorescent lights or gym rats. Just me and my music.

Today I was out for 45 minutes — seven minutes of running and three minutes of walking. I clocked in four miles. It was hard. I have lost more of my fitness level than I anticipated and the marathon is only 98 days away. While I was running I had that “what the hell am I thinking?” song playing in my head.

The doubtful stage. I hope it doesn’t last.

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“Stretching” Fitness Training Methods

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