Minute to Freedom #41: Progress
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  • Post published:13/05/2021
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Today let’s talk about progress.

Have you ever taken a step forward and not long after find yourself two steps behind where you started?

One time I was terrified to send a book I had written out to publishers. I finally did, but when several publishers were interested, it brought up all the fear I had been telling myself I didn’t have any more, and I couldn’t move forward toward publishing my book. I realized that I was growing faster than my mind could accept – I was trying for revolutionary progress. These days, I am better off trying for evolutionary progress – move a bit forward, and then let myself get used to the new place before I grow any more. It has sure helped me solidify my steps toward healing, maintain the progress I have made, and has given me a lot of freedom.

Have you ever had trouble making progress?


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