Minute to Freedom #52: Detachment

Today let’s talk about detachment.

Has it ever felt like you were getting sucked into the drama of someone else’s world?

As I experienced that, sometimes I had to step away – detach myself – from certain people. It didn’t feel natural, because I was going against my innate compassion, but in getting wrapped up in the chaos of another person’s life, I wasn’t doing myself any good. I had a good friend who I called an emotional train wreck waiting to happen daily. I finally decided I had to get away from the insanity of his world, to maintain sanity in my world. I wasn’t doing anything useful supporting him as long as he continued the same behaviors. So I had to emotionally step back – detach – to take care of myself. It was hard to do, but detaching gave me a new peace in my world.

Have you ever struggled to detach from the drama someone else creates?


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Dan L. Hays offers encouragement for adult children of alcoholics.
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