Minute to Freedom #7: Unmanageable

Today let’s talk about things getting out of control.

Has it ever seemed like your world was going places you didn’t like,
but you didn’t know how to change it?

In my mid ‘30s, my life was starting to spin out of control, and I spent much of my time trying to act like it wasn’t. I was sabotaging myself at jobs, in a series of turbulent and volatile relationships, pushing friends away who wanted to help, and all the while saying “I’m OK.” I had to admit that my life had become unmanageable before I could really do anything to change it. Then I connected the dots to see that my current circumstances were tied to the effects of growing up in a family where alcoholism was being acted out. As I did that, I could begin to actually develop some stability in my world.

Has your world ever spun out of control?

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