Minute to Freedom #71: Serenity
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  • Post published:13/05/2021
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Today let’s talk about serenity.

Have you ever wondered what that was and what it actually felt like?

When I first started dealing with the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family, it was just an abstract concept to me. I had grown up in the middle of such turbulence, and it was so familiar to live that way, that I thought chaos was normal. I learned that for me, serenity isn’t the absence of problems, it is the ability to be at peace as I work through the normal problems and issues of life. When I am on the right path and doing what is best for me, there is a joyful optimism that blossoms without regard to current events in my world. Its a whole new way of living, much more calm and peaceful than fighting against life, an amazing freedom to experience.

Have you ever struggled to feel serenity?

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Dan L. Hays offers encouragement for adult children of alcoholics.
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