Minute to Freedom #8: The Right To Make Mistakes
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  • Post published:13/05/2021
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Today let’s talk about making mistakes.

Have you ever thought you just couldn’t afford to make mistakes – you had to do everything just right?

When I started dealing with the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family, one thing I heard was that we have a right to make mistakes. Really, I thought? When I was growing up, I learned I had to do everything perfectly, or there might be unpredictable consequences. I was terrified to bring home my report card, because I knew that anything less than straight A’s would cause a big blowup. The penalties might be harsh. I learned to carefully read my Dad’s mood, trying not to do anything that would cause problems. As an adult, when I began to allow myself to be wrong and let that just be OK – I found I could breathe much more easily about life.

Have you ever felt like if you made a mistake, there would be trouble?


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