Minute to Freedom #94: Automatic Lying

 Today let’s talk about automatically lying.

 Have you ever found yourself telling a lie about something when there was really no reason to do so?

I discovered I did that a lot – because as a child, if I admitted to anything, it could lead to a negative and painful consequence. If I broke one of Dad’s tools, it could be dangerous for me, so I learned to always deny knowing what had happened. Unfortunately for me, my face read like a book, and would betray my guilty knowledge. As an adult, I sometimes lied even when, if I had just told the truth, the issue would have been quietly resolved. I didn’t know that, and reacted as I did as a child. As I have begun to be transparent and honest about my actions, it has led to a lot fewer awkward and confusing situations.

Have you ever lied when you didn’t need to?


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“Guilt Ridden Glasses” by Evil Erin @ flickr.com Creative Commons – Some rights reserved.

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