Minute to Freedom #97: Paralysis of Analysis
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  • Post published:13/05/2021
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Today let’s talk about paralysis of analysis.

Have you ever felt like you were so caught up in analyzing problems that you were immobilized?

I am a very analytical person, and I was confronted once by a friend who said if I was going to continue to swirl around in a downward spiral of destructive introspection, she wasn’t going to go with me. Boy, that was an earful, but – she got my attention! I would sit for hours and run ideas through my head about how to fix a situation or improve my life, while doing absolutely nothing. Stewing over a problem without deciding was a way not to take a risk, and I had to learn to work on problems differently in order to actually solve them. Sometimes it involved commitment to taking action, and that was very freeing!

Have you ever gotten trapped by your own analytical mind?


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