My Mother’s Bright Blue Mercedes
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“Pink and Blue Lady”

My Mother was BEAUTIFUL       every Child’s dream
a blue-eyed blonde with milky-white skin and a big bosom
loved silk and satin    diamonds and pearls
always wore pink and blue
she decorated with pink and blue wallpaper
pink and blue velvet cushions and curtains that matched
I hated pink and blue so I lived in the barn with my Father

My Mother had a gift for celebrating friends
making everyone feel good
when she dressed up in pink and blue velvet and silk
she sparkled like Christmas and every one loved her

No one knew she cried in her sleep 
I heard her in the night
in the morning she’d laugh and say I was mistaken

My Mother was afraid of growing old
when she got plump she lived on cottage cheese and pineapple
when she got wrinkles  had surgery take them away               

Mom wore pointy shoes with stiletto heels
that made her back and head ache
she never wanted to grow old and didn’t
turned 65 in the Winter and died in the Spring

Now I wear pink and blue and I celebrate my friends
I like to dress up in pink and blue velvet and silk
but it’s not enough

I want to grow old knowing I’ve done something Important
Watch me Mom    I’ll do it for both of us


For many years, I studied dream analysis and found it fascinating to learn how God Moments worked their way into my dreams.  Of interest, some members of my Mother’s family (e.g., Granpa Charlie) were said-to-be psychic. Stories were often sad, happy, scarey or weird; but the best kind predicted the future, just like the one recorded here.

I called my Mother “Pink and Blue Lady” and I told you ‘she was every child’s dream (but I digress).  My Mother was a shopper extraordinaire; every morning she worked hard in the house, then in the afternoon she (literally and figuratively) went to town. I wasn’t really a dedicated shopper, but I’d meet her somewhere in a Lower Mainland Shopping Centre. There were many times we went together in her car.

Homage to My Mother's Mercedes

Homage to My Mother’s Mercedes

Cars were very important in Mother’s life; they defined her as somewhat unique. Mom had a brand-new, made-to-order model (classy and unique) every 2 years. Father was a self-employed Dairy Farmer and he paid cash for those big beauties. My Mother often picked it up and we’d go shopping together.

A few days before Mother died, we had synchronous and prophetic dreams. She dreamed we’d finished shopping and were heading for the car, when we discovered Mom’s car with a Mercedes in it’s place (she would’ve loved to drive a Mercedes, but Father couldn’t afford one).

About the same night, I dreamed we’d finished our shopping, when we found her car was gone. I went directly to a payphone and dialed the RCMP, but the phone went dead.

The next day, Mom called to tell me her dream; I related mine and we laughed.

A couple of days later, my Father called to say “Your Mother is on the floor and I think she’s dead!” My heart skipped a beat and I suddenly remembered our dreams and knew right then and there, my Mother was up in Heaven driving a brand new bright blue Mercedes. That was a wonderful “God Moment” for me, because (though I grieved) I was at peace. I remembered God loves us all and at that moment He loved my Mother best.

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Sandra Cusack – All Rights Reserved.


Guest Author Bio

Sandra CusackSANDRA CUSACK is an Educational Gerontologist specializing in Education and Aging; a Researcher, Educator, and Writer. Over the course of her career, she has published 6 research books, more than 80 research articles in journals, magazines, newsletters and other people’s books.

At the top of her game, Dr. Cusack and co-author (Wendy Thompson) wrote MENTAL FITNESS FOR LIFE: 7 Steps to Healthy Aging (2003), available in French and Russian through Amazon, Chapters, Indigo and bookstores across North America (as well as Jaico Pbg. in the Middle East).   She was flying high (the title of her Leadership Training Manual), when she crashed and burned.  After 4 small strokes and THE BIG ONE, she lost everything: home, car, and (most tragically) her mind.  Fortunately, Sandra knew just about everything there was to know about mental fitness; and with the help of great support and excellent doctors, she got it back and more.  Her recovery and life are a miracle!

Now retired as Professor and Research Associate from the Gerontology Research Centre at Simon Fraser, Dr. Cusack has reinvented herself as a Creative Writer, having completed 2 Creative Writing courses at SFU and a course: Advanced Writing for Professionals with the focus on editing and publishing.  She recently completed a book of poetry and 2 collections of short stories and is currently focused on editing and revising the Mental Fitness for Life book including a section on strokes based on her own experience, and the latest research on strokes and recovery.

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