Out, Out, Brief Candle!
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Why, I saw him shake his cloak
and laugh his throwback laugh
on the stage of the city theatre!
saw his coat hanging from a high school prom room
while he sold his books at half price.
His witches chanted: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
recording destiny’s time
and picked up the live butt of cigarettes
and flung them in airports in Brussels, Istanbul, Paris and many more.
I heard him strut and claim the ashes
of yesterday’s fools in the Harbours of Pearl and corals.
He sniggers at the fretting players
unknowingly counting their hours
in university halls, nightclubs and bars.
he smiles.
The shrill voices and rolling bodies tell his tales.
He, as always, likes to paint the town Red
and have a glass of blood red wine with fritters
made of teenage fingers.
He sleeps in suburban hotels and comes out at night.
He visits Syria and the prophet’s land to collect his witches.
“Do we need to cull right away Sire?”
his lips curl.
Macbeth is not dead.


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Guest Author Bio

Dr Shruti Das
ShrutiDr Shruti Das is Associate professor English in the P.G. Department of English, Berhampur University in Odisha, India. She is a creative writer with poetry published Nationally and Internationally and also a literary critic, writing bilingually in English and her native tongue Odia. She has published two collection of poems named “A Daughter Speaks (2013)” and “Lidless Eyes(2015)” has been published in Anthologies like “Inspired Heart 2″, “Inspired Heart 3”, “Scaling Heights” and “Colours of Refuge” to name a few. She has participated in many Seminars on English language and literature in India and Europe. She is sensitive to social issues, loves to travel and to dream. She loves animals.

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