Painting For Your Well-Being
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Painting for me was an escape from the ‘real world’ to be able to create my own space and time essentially. When my Grandparent’s passed away 3 years ago I struggled to get back to normal. I was in a really dark place that I couldn’t seem to get out of. I still appreciated the beauty that was all around me in nature. The memory of my Grandparents surrounded me wherever and whatever I was doing. I had to do something for them to keep their memory alive, so I also felt connected to them. This is where my painting journey began.

Their Magnolia

Childhood memories of my Grandparents garden has always been my inspiration for painting. The vast variety of colours and fragrances that I can still see and smell now when I am painting brings me so much joy to still after all this time be in the garden with them. My Nanna, Carmen and I would always water the flowers together and she would take me around the garden showing me the newest addition to her garden. We would sit under their exquisite magnolia tree and just take in the colours. I would sit in the conservatory with my Granddad, James and we would look out into the garden seeing the smile of my Nanna’s face as she admired her work. We would paint together, my Granddad and I. He would always encourage me to use bold and bright colours in whatever I was doing. We would laugh at his inappropriate jokes and paint together.

Meeting in Spain

I have developed my own unique style of painting. I adore textures, and bold beautiful colours. I don’t so much as paint as let the flowers grow naturally in front of me as they do in nature. I aim to create artwork that brings joy and happiness to others, the joy that my Grandparents had. Not wanting their joy to no longer be with myself and others, every painting I create has not only my signature but also their initials. Everything I create is to share their happiness with others.

Lake Views

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All Images Are © Ruth Davis

Guest Artist Bio
Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis is a self taught upcoming abstract artist based in Hertfordshire, originally from Somerset. Her main medium is acrylic on canvas.

Ruth grew up with an artistic family background, she was always encouraged by her late grandparents. Her grandad was an artist and her grandmother was a keen gardener. Ruth has always been surrounded by nature which has inspired the main themes to her colourful, unique, botanical artwork.

Although Ruth has only been painting professionally for a short amount of time, she quickly developed her own unique style of work which instantly became recognized by galleries and art lovers from all around the world. In her first year she had an exhibition in the Gordon Craig and her painting “I am still painting flowers for you” is in Gallery M&Art agent’s international digital art magazine. More recently she has had her painting “34 Rose Arch” displayed in the Broadway Studio Gallery, Letchworth. Ruth is also now featured in House and Garden magazine’s April Art Edit and also in all 12 of the Life magazines May Art Edit.

Blog / Website: Abstract Artist – Ruth Davis

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