Photographers: Blow Your Minds In The Galapagos

Galapagos 12Serious nature photographers may take hours or even days often immobile behind camouflaged blinds to get the “money shot”, that clear close up shot of the “prey”. While I admire that degree of dedication I will let you in on a dirty little secret. Even an amateur can set up a portfolio of pics that will make him or her look like a photography superstar. Don’t take my word for it…have a look at these photos I took over a period of one week in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands in March while cruising aboard Miami based Ecoventura’s MY Letty.

I make no pretensions to being anything other than a work-a-day photographer. Yet using a Nikon Coolpix and an Olympus underwater camera, both set on automatic I got amazing shots of the wacky, incredible, bizarre and beautiful aquatic and land animals of these volcanic islands that inspired Charles Darwin to give us the theory of evolution.

Volcanic pumic is ligher than it looks-Bartolome Island, Galapagos.The secret is that the wildlife here is devoid of fear of humans. You can walk within a few feet of sea lions, boobies (a native bird in case you wondered), land and marine iguanas, eagle rays and many other birds, reptiles and marine creatures. Baby sea lions will even chase you around! Heck, I had a pair of eagle rays chasing me and an eight foot Galapagos shark came within a few feet of my snorkeling group.

The Galapagos terrain varies from lush highlands to desolate volcanic landscapes reminiscent of Mars. High sea cliffs offer nesting sites for birds and at times I felt I was back in my home province of Newfoundland. If you get tired of wildlife shots there are sunsets, volcanic mountains and flowering vegetation that looks as if germinated on another planet.

The Galapagos are isolated, fairly expensive and hard to get to. They are also one of the most incredible photography destinations in the world and more than worth the effort to pay a visit.

Have a look at these wildlife photos and drool…

And here are a few videos I am sure you will enjoy!







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