Reach for the moon, maybe you’ll land on a star

DreamscapeHey World,

I am going to start with a quote of one of my favourite lines from a Kanye song. To me he’s one of the best rappers out there…here goes…

“Reach for the moon, maybe you’ll land on a star.”

Wow, that line is golden. Now pause, take a minute to let that in…

Yesterday I realized that I write under the assumption that we all have major goals to take us to our next level in life. That was wrong of me; although this should be the case, many people will say “well, I don’t know what my goal should be? Or “I don’t really have a goal”.

I am here to tell you that’s horrible, but it’s pretty common. I think many of us have become pessimistic while calling ourselves realistic. We are scared to have dreams and the fact is every great goal starts with a dream. Dreams are so important to who we are and who we are to be in the future. I am here to tell you that dreams do come true.

Honestly, that’s no Aladdin fairy tale. Think about. I bet you’re living at least one or maybe even more of your dreams. Some examples of things you’ve probably dreamed about and have lived to see come true:

  • Completing a Post-Secondary Degree or Diploma
  • Having Children
  • Living/Visiting a different country or city
  • Having your own place
  • Finding that special someone to spend your life with
  • Owning a car or home
  • Having a relationship with a once estranged family member
  • Having your own office
  • Learning a different language
  • Owning your own business
  • Owning a high-end designer product
  • Learning how to drive
  • Working in a job that allows you to be you

These are things you might have day-dreamed about and wished could happen at some point in your life. Somewhere along the line, people stop dreaming or suppress their dreams in order to not seem or feel stupid. I come from the school of thinking where I do not think anyone is stupid, and even if you don’t come from that school of thinking, you must realize how important it is to be brave.


Reclaim your ability to dream. Dreams are like fires to your candle of life. They light the way when you can’t see. And dreams become powerful when they turn into goals and YOU become a force of nature in pursuit of them. 

Yes, they may not happen in the exact way you have envisioned. You may dream of owning a new Mercedes when in reality you end up with a Mercedes built in 1996. Life is full of surprises. That’s why I say to be open, but while you’re in that dream world, make your dream as specific as you can.

Tip of the Day: Reflect, Relax and Dream…life is like a video game: you always want to win….

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