Society Without Love
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Taken by Mary Rose on Pender IslandIn order to become a moderator on a website I enjoy, potential ‘mods’ are asked to write an essay to show their commitment and maturity level. The essay topic is, ‘Can a society exist without love?’

Being asked to write an essay on this particular topic, especially by video game moderators, makes me feel good. It makes me think that they care about what young minds are thinking and feeling. It is a good indication that we are still connected in a way that really matters.  

So I thought about the question, and here’s what I came up with. The only thing that can function without love is a machine. I’m afraid that without love, that is precisely what we are in danger of becoming. Beings who exist rather than live; like programmed machines rather than thinking beings. 

As social animals, we need each other. We need to feel cared for and loved by others. I always feel better after a hug, or after I talk to someone. My plants grow taller when I tell them I love them, my kitty used to purr when I scratched him under his ears, but my toaster is unresponsive. I don’t want people to become like that. No one can function properly without real face to face communication, encouragement, compassion and love. It is sad to me to think that humans are choosing to replace these real connections (like hugs and smiles) with superficial ones (like abbreviations and emoticons 🙂 ). 

So many confuse the idea of “going with the flow” with “following the flock”. When everyone around you acts like it’s bizarre to express emotion, or laugh at you for not knowing what the latest texting acronym stands for, it makes me wonder if something other than love or even biology is conducting evolution.  

Picture by Mary RoseWhen you look around, people have their heads down a lot, locked into an iphone, computer or ipad, which is submissive body language. It appears the machines are in control, not the people who made or use them. Aside from that, technological advances designed to connect us have ironically made us feel even more isolated. Perhaps the question (that about what a society without love would look like) is one that might be answered simply by looking towards the future. 

I saw on Nova one night that 50% of Canadians don’t have land lines anymore and instead, use cell phones. What was really surprising to me though was that people don’t call and actually talk to others as much. Instead, they text. Sending a text is less demanding and requires no actual verbal commitment, but again there is no voice, no emotion, no real sense of connection. 

When I think of a society without love, I see a world filled with the opposite: Hate. Or maybe a more subtle version of hate: Submissive apathy. A society without love, lacking care and compassion, would be like an aggressive video game in which everyone loses. Or a world full of toasters. 


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Lucas Wilson
Picture by Mary Rose on dock in inner harbour Lucas Wilson is an 11 year old middle school student with dreams of becoming a computer programmer, famous writer, comedian, actor, gaming expert and entrepreneur. Born at home in Victoria, British Columbia, Luke has an unusual capacity for compassion. He has forward thinking ideas about politics and the environment, loves animals and nature, and has an affinity for technology, mathematics and computer languages.

Luke is an extrovert but shy to put forth his ideas until he believes them to be ‘perfect’.

Luke believes in giving rather than taking, and often donates his allowance to the SPCA. He likes to hike, play foozball and game in his spare time.

Luke most admires Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Seth MacFarlane, Mike Myers and Jim Carrey; People who created amazing lives despite any and all challenges.

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