Something Far Greater

Sometimes we receive a signal from the universe that something far greater is a work in our lives.

I was traveling for business last week. I stayed with an associate, let’s call her Kathy, who I met a little over a year ago. We’ve decided to do some work together and were brainstorming our partnership.

Sand dollars and synchronicity

We were chatting at dinner one night and the subject of our childhoods came up. Talk came around to our fathers. I said mine was a pretty nasty individual, Kathy said the same. I took it a step further and said mine had been abusive. She said the same.

The next thing you know, we’re sharing our stories. They are mirror images of one another. Not the same exact circumstances – but the same emotional trauma. We were both blindsided by the abuse – never knowing when it would hit.

Kathy’s the first person I’ve met who has specifically had that type of experience. Many people have come into my life who have been abused. For most of them, it was a continual, expected experience.

We spent hours into the night sharing our stories and perspectives, and then our dreams. It turns out we both want to help others who have been abused to heal. I want to create a platform — speaking, a book and resources — to help adults who have experienced abuse step into healing. Kathy wants to run retreats to do the same.

It’s a match made in heaven. Our strengths are complementary, our approaches are highly compatible — and we adore each other.

Isn’t it fabulous the way the Universe and/or God bring the perfect resources into our lives when we are open and ready for them to arrive? What better proof is there that we are loved and supported by something far greater than our human physicality can understand – when we are open to receive.

I’ve mentioned that I’m shifting my business pretty significantly. But I’m also feeling the urge to pick up the reins on The Other Side of Me and begin to move forward in terms of outlining the book, brainstorming a plan for resources and support, and looking for partners to support and enhance my platform.

Kathy and I came together for one focus – partnering in our business. It took less than a day for us to know that we were brought together for far greater purposes.

We are meant to create a healing path for those who we both so want to support.

I love it when synchronicity happens. Especially since I had just asked the Universe to send me a sign about whether I should begin to move forward.

I know that Kathy is an answer. Yes!

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“Counting Sand Dollars” Somewhat Frank @ Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved.

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