Spreading Christmas ‘Cheer’

CocktailsA friend once told me that if I did something different everyday, no matter how small, life would never become boring. Well, it turns out he was right. Over time I became aware that not only had life become more exciting, but I was learning new things too – which in turn made me more exciting. I was sold.

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge one’s sense of adventure. From starting new traditions or tweaking old ones, to taking part in some of the wonderful celebrations your community has to offer (local Home And Lifestyle magazines like YAM Magazine make this easy)…the possibilities are endless!

This year, I decided it was time to expand my horizons in one specific area of the holidays – the libation.

Guided by natural curiosity and an aversion to taking the ‘same old’ approach to my decision-making, I took a closer look at what my local BC Liquor Store had to offer. I soon realized there was adventure on every shelf, around every corner and behind every label. Always a lover of sharing my enthusiasm, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to maximize your holiday ‘cheer’:


In addition to ‘old faithful’, why not try a beer that has been oak-aged? Or, how about a limited edition seasonal brew with notes of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg? Never tried an import? Maybe this is the year. The variety is endless, and some are available in single bottles or cans – perfect for sampling.


After you’ve gathered an ample stockpile of your ‘go to’ (because you never know who’s going to drop in), now’s the time to try that special bottle you’ve had your eye on but have always talked yourself out of. Treat yourself to the experience and share it with like-minded friends or family members. Make an event out of it, slow things down, savor each sip. Close your eyes and take the time to smell the aromas and really taste what’s in the glass. 


There are more versions of your chosen spirit than you can shake a candy cane at – follow your instinct on this one. Is there something you linger in front of while shopping, or do you simply want to know what something tastes like? Reach for spiced or dark rum instead of your usual white. Try a gin with slightly different botanicals or one made from a local distillery. Maybe you’re ready to try a Scotch aged in different casks, or perhaps with a little more peat? What the heck is a digestif, how do you drink them and is there really one made by Monks that don’t speak? Tequila, cognac, liqueurs…whatever you choose, create some anticipation by taking your taste buds where they’ve never gone before.

While my curiosity plays a part in the selection process, it doesn’t stop there. I make it a habit to research my new find when I get home, as the education always seems to complete the experience. It’s extremely satisfying to me to try something new and then learn all I can about it. This satisfaction is typically prolonged as I single-handedly take conversations at future family gatherings to new heights.

I’ve never forgotten that simple advice from my friend, and continue to look for ways to keep life interesting on a daily basis. If I keep this up, I just may have a shot at becoming The Most Interesting Woman In The World…

Stay curious, my friends. 


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