The Beginner’s Guide to Traveling Catania

Catania is located right on the eastern coast of Sicily and is the island’s second largest city. It is characterized by its location near Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna. People from all over the world travel to Catania to take in its unique landscapes, relaxing beaches, archeological discoveries, and breathtaking architecture. If you are thinking about planning a trip to Catania, continue reading for a complete beginner’s guide to navigating this beautiful city.

Catania and Mount Etna

Catania and Mount Etna

Booking Your Ticket

The first step in traveling to Catania is to book your ticket. You will want to make sure you are planning your trip during the right time of year given the weather and climate. In Catania, May till September will be the ideal time to plan your trip. Travelers especially like visiting in May because it tends to heat up a bit more in the later summer months. Once you get into October Catania is in it’s rainy season, so try to avoid planning your trip during this time.

Hotel Reservations

Finding a hotel in Catania will not be challenging as this city has no shortage of places to stay for all different budgets. You can choose from 46 luxury accommodations or stay in a unique boutique hotel. If you are looking for a place with stunning views check out the Palace Catania. Or if you want to prioritize staying in a central location, try out the Hotel Centrale Europa.

What to Pack

Once you’ve got your tickets and hotels booked, you will need to figure out what to pack. One item that is crucial is a plug adapter. Your adapter needs to support outlet types C, F and L so if you are coming from a country that does not use these outlet types, be sure to pack an adapter. If you do choose to travel during the summer, you will experience a high of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be best off packing light clothes and sandals. It is also great to bring bug spray and sunscreen to avoid having to pay hotel prices for these items. We also recommend a portable power bank and a global SIM card that works abroad.


When you arrive in Catania, you’ll be instantly greeted with amazing views of Mount Etna and stunning architecture throughout the city. Getting from the airport to the city center will only take around fifteen minutes by taxi. If your hotel isn’t ready when you arrive, you can jump into the fun by leaving your suitcases with luggage storage in Catania. This is also a great option if you have to check out of your hotel early, but still want to get in some last-minute sightseeing.

Catania Piazza Duomo

Catania – Piazza Duomo


Once you’ve worked out the logistics, you can pick out your must-see attractions. If you like to spend your trip participating in outdoor pursuits, you can check out horseback riding, hiking, or bird watching on the mountain. You can also head to the beach for activities like snorkeling, surfing, or sailing. If snow sports are more your speed, Catania has two ski resorts that operate during the winter months.

Catania is also home to some of the most stunningly ornate architecture. Take a walk by the Duomo Square by the city center. Here you will see the Norman Cathedral and the infamous elephant statue, or the “u’ liotru”. The Palazzo Biscari is also a must-see building. You do need to book this one in advance, so be sure to plan ahead.

When coming to Sicily, you will want to make time for art. There are plenty of museums to choose from in Catania. The Civic Gallery of Modern Art has over two hundred works of art and has been around since 1910. The work displayed here includes paintings and sculptures by famous romantic and realistic artists up until the twentieth century. The Polo Regional Museum of Modern Art boasts an impressive collection of the late Baroque style art. The permanent collection’s works are themed around the Sicilian territory, which is a unique experience for tourists.


One of the most exciting parts of traveling is tasting the local cuisine. Sicily does not disappoint with a fantastic variety of home-made pastas, fresh seafood, and expertly prepared pizzas. Al Tortellino is praised by the locals as the home of home-made pasta. This is also a great spot for pizza, but you’ll definitely want to prioritize pasta here. Filo D’esca Seafood Restaurant is a wonderful place to stop for some fresh seafood and good wine. There are no bad choices in this city, so branch out and try out places that catch your eye when wandering the city.

Ready for takeoff!

Now that you’ve got the basics down for your trip to Catania, it’s time to get excited to explore all this beautiful travel destination has to offer! Bon Voyage!

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Catania and Mount Etna – Pixabay

Catania – Piazza Duomo – Wikimedia Creative Commons

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