The Naturopathic Way

Peg felt hope and relief after meeting with a naturopath and experiencing an alternative approach to healing.

Have you ever experienced a naturopath? I am currently in the care of one — and I don’t believe I’ve ever felt better. Unless you’ve been raised with the idea, working with a naturopath seems really foreign, and a lot of their clientele are people like me who have run out of options, and don’t know what else to do.

Naturopathy and herbal medicine

The first question my naturopath asked me was how much I actually knew about naturopathy. Well, you couldn’t even fill a thimble with what I knew, so she explained in the first place that naturopaths take the same medical schooling as your regular doctor. The only thing they are missing is the residency, as they don’t require the acute care experience. You just don’t call your naturopath when you’re having a heart attack — call 911.

Anyway, I was totally struck by the thoroughness of my hour and a half with her. Did you hear that? When’s the last time you spent an hour and a half with a physician? This was just our first intake meeting. After that amount of time, there’s not a lot about my life that she didn’t know. And she was already taking clues from what I had to say about my life, and my pains and health concerns, and adding them up. Before I left, she said what she thought it might be affecting me, and I actually wept with relief and hope. I was in the right place, and I would pay anything for this specialized care.

The reason I’m feeling better is thanks to a magical mix of herbs and roots. It has been my first experience with such an incremental type of recovery. It’s like I could feel it, bit by bit, adding something to my insides. Building strength day by day was palpable. And slowly I got to feeling better than I had in a very long time. Actually, energy was available for what I wanted to do. And it still is — what a concept!

Why have I shared this with you? I think I just wanted to offer a peek into alternatives, to let you know that it’s worth it to keep looking for an answer, no matter what. Sometimes we forget, and I’m quite sure most doctors don’t know at all, that we know our bodies best. If you’re not hearing what you need to hear, having your team of professionals fail to find, see or help with what’s ailing you, keep looking for more professionals until you find one who can truly help.

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