The Other Side of Me: Walking a Divine Path

An encounter with Angels changes your life.  I know that because this isn’t the first time I’ve had such encounters.  I grew up with Angels in my home as a child.  My mother and her mother before her knew Angels as well.  But I didn’t remember my childhood Angels – until I felt my healing Angels last week.

Since then, I’ve remembered darkest childhood moments when soft lights would appear in my dungeon, wrapping me in their warmth.   Wow, I’d forgotten them. Those lights are another reason I survived my torture.

I know Angels well. I’ve welcomed them into my home as I cared for my mother and father before their deaths. When my ex-boyfriend was diagnosed with AIDS, he was given 2 months to live. I took care of him (I’m safe) because he had nowhere else to go. Angel Michael appeared in my home one night telling me that there was a purpose, that my ex- would not die. He left four guardian Angels to watch over him, and me. The Guardians stayed with me for two long years, through the long dark nights when I was afraid he would die in my arms.  Their voices would tell me he needed me, a hand would awaken me in the night, lights would embrace me in the wee hours of the morning when I would sob – overwhelmed by the horror of his sickness. Those Angels helped me save him when everyone had given up hope. Thanks to their power, he is healthy, vital and you’d never know he almost died some five years ago.

All of those experiences changed me – at least for a time.  But then, after my parents’ deaths, and my friend’s miraculous healing, the Angels moved on and the most painful events of my life occurred. In that pain, I forgot my Angels. I returned to the everyday world of physicality –  and I forgot the power I had experienced, the power of healing and love and pure source.

Last week I was reminded that Angels, as well as demons, live among us. I was also reminded of my divine purpose, the reason I came into this life in the first place. What’s even more amazing is that the path I’m walking today is exactly the path I was intended to walk. Even though I forgot my purpose, forgot my divine helpers, forgot everything that was my intention when I came in this body – I am still on my divine path.

What’s the old saying?   Even a blind pig can find a truffle. Well even a blind gal can find her path. Even a girl with no memories of her true past or divine future can find her way.  Such is the power of our Universe, Source, God, Buddha or whatever. How amazing is that?

I’m in the middle of a transition in my career, taking the first step toward my ultimate goal – which is to share my experiences to help others heal.  My path isn’t exactly a straight line to that end.  I’ve been worried that this transition-in-process is a diversion from my true calling.  I know now that it’s not.  It’s exactly the step that I’m supposed to take at this moment, the next step on a divine path that is my destiny.

My experience last week changed me forever.  I’m empowered with a new purpose. Actually not a new purpose, it’s the purpose that was always my destiny. I simply forgot along the way.

I am here to share my experiences in service to others.

I’m already on that path. But now I’ve been reminded, clearly and strongly, by my angelic friends this is meant to be. I won’t forget again; my Angels, my truth, my purpose.

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