The Realm of Faerie

Faeries are Guardians of the Earth: they make the flowers bloom, the leaves fall and the snow glisten. Be it forests, deserts, or grasslands, oceans, rivers or lakes, Faeries can be found in any environment. Some Faeries have even adapted to urban life.

Hunter's Moon

While simultaneously natural and supernatural, earthly and ethereal, Faeries liaise between the realms of mortal and divine beings, often under the guise of a glamour to protect their true identities.  Should you ever encounter a member of the Fae, try not to be fooled by its Faerie grace and beauty.  Although a Faerie never tells a lie, she or he can be cleverly deceiving nonetheless. It is often those who are the most charming who are also the most deadly.

Shades of Blue

Whether an individual Faerie is considered kind or malevolent, all Fae have hedonistic tendencies. Taking pleasure in sensory indulgences is not outside of Faerie moral boundaries.  Faeries are also incredibly vain, and love to see themselves depicted in art and literature. When Faeries find an artist willing to paint them, tell their stories, or sing their songs, they never stop nagging, binding that artist with their Faerie magic for as long as they please to satisfy their enormous Faerie egos.

The Gardener

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All Images Are © Alison Spokes

Alison Spokes Artist Bio

Alison SpokesAlison Spokes was born and raised in Houston, British Columbia and currently resides in Sidney, British Columbia. She is a self-taught artist who began working mainly in pencils, but found her niche painting fairies in digital media. Most of her inspiration comes from nature, but a significant influence comes from other fantasy artists as well. Collecting faerie art has been her hobby for the last 10 years. Growing up in a small valley town surrounded by forest, lakes and wildlife, followed by a decade on a temperate rain-forested island in the middle of the Salish Sea has influenced her appreciation of nature and the delicacy of its ecosystems, which she tries to reveal through her artwork.

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