The Simple Path To Romance

What are the first things you think of when the word “romance” is mentioned?

You may think of moonlit walks on the beach, getting gifts of jewelry, receiving roses and candy, intimate dinners at exclusive restaurants, or making love while listening to sensual music. Of course, all of these affairs can be romantic, but romance should not just fall under the purview of grandiose, expensive, and elaborately staged gestures.

Romance should not be reserved just for special occasions either, like birthdays, Valentines Day, or anniversaries. On the contrary, romance should be cultivated and nurtured into the very fabric of our relationships . We can accomplish this by remembering simple, daily acts of appreciation and affection have a cumulative effect of deepening the bonds of intimacy.

The following three simple gestures can help pave a golden path to new depths of romance and passion in your relationship:


Let your partner know often how much you appreciate them. A dangerous pitfall afflicting many relationships is when couples begin taking each other for granted. However, no matter the major differences between men and women, there is one major similarity – we all have a visceral, human need to feel appreciated. The words “thank you” have a magical effect in re-igniting the embers of passion.


Give your partner little tokens of affection. Hand write a little note which simply states “I love you.” Place it where your partner will find it sometime during their day. Discovering such a treasure hidden in a briefcase or jacket pocket is certain to have them thinking of you with a warm smile. Give them a heartfelt hug just because. Provide an impromptu back massage if they have had a particularly stressful day. All of these seemingly tiny tokens of affection quickly conspire to create an enduring atmosphere where romance and passion can thrive.


Practice improving your listening skills. By becoming a better listener, you are relaying to your partner how important they are to you. It is also an excellent way to defuse conflict. So, the next time you ask your lover how their day was, make sure to be present with them, make eye contact, and give them your full attention. Feeling as though we are truly being heard, especially by those closest to us, validates us in a way very few other things can.

Being romantic doesn’t have to be a chore, requiring elaborate planning and expense. Instead, your simple expressions of affection and gratitude will suffuse your relationship with romance, intimacy, and passion.

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